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Want to join us?

We’re thrilled about welcoming you to Chester Folk Festival Online 2020, and determined to make it an engaging, inspiring and fun event for you. 

There are a couple of things you can do in advance to get ready for the weekend:

  • Download Zoom from – You can do this on desktop, mobile or tablet. You will need this for some of our events. We will be sharing links and details of how to get into them nearer the time.

  • Familiarise yourself with Zoom before the weekend. Quick start user guides for Windows, Linux and Mac can be found here.

Technical Help

Running Chester Folk Festival Online is a whole new thing for us and it’s a whole new thing for you to attend.

Some of our events will be LIVE rather than pre-recorded so there's a limit to how much testing we can do beforehand. It's possible that we may see issues or you may need a little extra help over the weekend to access some of our events.

If you have any problems accessing any events during the festival here are some trouble shooting tips you can try:

·       Restart your laptop / PC / Phone or tablet.

·       Check you are connected to the internet and your WiFi or mobile internet are working.

·       Make sure your volume is turned up on your device and your speakers are plugged in or turned on.

If none of these have worked you can email the team on


Chester Folk Festival Online 2020

0871 218 0211

Chester Folk Festival,
PO Box 3900,

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