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To find out what's on over the weekend just click on the download button to see the full festival programme. You can access the current day's events via the links below. 

If you need a bit of help setting up or using Zoom you can find our guide HERE.


Sunday Events

Festival Bar - Open Zoom

Time to meet up with friends new and old, to chat, exchange stories and memories (Unmoderated Room)

11.00 AM - 10.30 PM
Festival Bar

Singing Workshop

11.00 AM - 11.50 AM
Community Centre

Singing Workshop                                 Artist: An Croenen
Subject: “Finding your Inner Cathedral.”  Includes warm up exercises, focus on breathing techniques, voice placement, and a holistic approach to singing.

Youth Room Workshop

11.00 AM - 11.50 AM
Social Club

Youth Room - daily events exclusively aimed at singers and musicians in the 10-20 age group. Youth Room - daily events exclusively aimed at singers and musicians in the 10-20 age group.  For safeguarding reasons, please turn video on and ensure that screen names for any under 16s are first name only.
Leader: Fluff Smith

Clown Workshop

Clown Workshop                                   Artist: Martin Huckle

11.00 AM - 11.50 AM
Green Room

Dance Display

Morris and Mummers – featuring Chester City Morris Men and Bradshaw Mummers

12.00 PM - 12.30 PM
Marquee 2

Story Telling

Cheshire stories                                    Storyteller: Tom Hughes

12.30 PM - 12.20 PM
Marquee 1

Music Session

12.30PM - 2.15PM
Social Club

Bring along your tunes to share with other Zoomers
MC: Phoebe Rees


12.30 PM - 2.15 PM
Green Room

All singers welcome. Bring along your party pieces to share
MC: Dave Vaughan

Chance to Meet

1 PM - 1.50 PM
Community Centre

Artist: Bradshaw Mummers
MC: Katrina Turner

Afternoon Concert

2.00PM - 2.50 PM
Marquee 1

YouTube Premiere - A mixture of lockdown and pre-recorded videos including contributions from Wet the Tea (collectively and Andy Connally solo) and a track from Pilgrims’ Way

Chance to Meet

3.00 PM - 3.50 PM
Community Centre

Artist: Close Quarters
MC: Mal Waite

Dance Display

Morris and Mummers – featuring Chester City Morris Men and Bradshaw Mummers

4.00 PM - 4.30 PM
Marquee 2

Chance to Meet

4.30 PM - 5.20 PM
Community Centre

Artist: Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
MC: Helen Weiss

Festival Special

5.30 PM - 6.20 PM
Marquee 1

Liege and Lief – A video recording of the special put together by Full House and friends in 2019, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fairport Convention’s seminal album

Chance to Meet

6.30 PM - 7.20 PM
Community Centre

Artist: Maranella - Medieval Music: Five ways for a Folkie to Fake it.  With songs and tunes along the way, costumed minstels, Maranella, talk about their approach to performing medieval music.


Caller: Martyn Harvey

7.30 PM - 08.20 PM
Marquee 2

Evening Concert 1

The Raven Folk Club at the Festival: Part 1 featuring some of their regular contributors

8.00 PM - 8.45 PM
Marquee 1

Folk Club

8.00 PM - 10.30 PM
Community Centre

Chance for singers and musicians to meet together to share tunes and songs
MC: John Warburton

Evening Concert  2

9.00 PM - 10.30 PM
Marquee 1

The Raven Folk Club at the Festival: Part 2 featuring a vintage concert by Huw Williams and the late Maartin Alcock


Donate to show your support

In such challenging times, we have taken the decision to provide these events free of charge.  
We would be grateful if you would donate if are you in a position to do so.  Funds will be allocated to support artists who have been impacted, to donate to the NHS (minimum of 30% of donations) and to assist Chester Folk Festival in running future events (maximum of 20% of donations – we run on a not for profit basis).


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